How Does Trenchless Sewer Replacement Work?

A1 Sewer and Water Repair uses the Hammerhead PortaBurst “No Dig” system. The process involves digging two holes for entry points, one where the sewer exits the home or business and the other at either the property line or in the street where it connects to the mainline. A steel cable is then threaded through the old sewer pipe and a hardened steel bursting head is attached to one end of the cable. The new polyethylene pipe is then attached to the rear of the bursting head. At the other end the PortaBurst hydraulic system is set up which pulls the cable. The cable is pulled with the head and pipe attached down into the hole at the side of the house. It then pulls the new pipe through the old pipe bursting the old pipe pushing the pieces out into the surrounding soil. The new pipe gets pulled all the way to the exit hole where the connections are made. The pipe and connections are inspected and then the holes are filled in.

trenchless sewer repair how it works

How much does trenchless no dig sewer line replacement cost?

The cost depends on the location and the hardscape (what’s above the pipe being replaced), the price might range between $100 and $200 per foot.

Is trenchless less expensive than having my sewer line dug up and replaced?

Most of the time yes. Most of the cost of a sewer line replacement project is the restoration landscaping and structures that had been dug up. Hammerhead’s PortaBurst trenchless system reduces landscape restoration costs and these savings are passed on to the customer.

What is the time frame is involved?

The process of bursting or “pulling” the old pipe normally takes and hour or less but can sometimes take longer. The entire project from digging of the entry holes to completing the final connections is normally done in one to two days.

What type of replacement pipe is used in trenchless?

Our trenchless system uses High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPP) as the replacement pipe. This pipe is better than traditional pipe such as clay, cast iron or pvc plastic piping. HDPE pipe resists corrosion, the pipe is fused or melted together where the joint is stronger than any other part of the pipe making it leak proof, and highly flexible. It is the pipe of choice for trenchless repair.

What is the difference between the trenchless process and traditional sewer line replacement techniques?

The major difference is that the trenchless sewer installation system reduces destruction to your landscaping and hard surface areas such as driveways, patios, sidewalks and concrete. By only digging two small access holes the process preserves what otherwise would have to be dug up and replaced by traditional methods of pipe replacement.

What is the lifespan of HDPE pipe?

HDPE pipe has an estimated lifetime of over two hundred years.

What is the warranty on a trenchless sewer replacement done this way with HDPE pipe?

We guarantee the pipe will not fail in your life time.

Your sewer can be replaced without digging up your landscaping, driveway, patio, or garden, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in restoration costs.

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how trenchless sewer repair works